There are so many reasons for this website.  Everywhere I have travelled I have seen the best and worst of humanity when it comes to pet ownership.  One resounding concern I’ve had is the lack of knowledge and awareness people seem to have when it comes to pet ownership.

Here are my objectives, for all to see:

  1. To help people make informed decisions about adopting and caring for pets.
  2. To help readers understand the benefits and obligations of adopting pets.
  3. To raise awareness about the plight of abandoned pets and those who help them.

I’ve created this website to help raise awareness about responsible pet ownership and I’m hoping it will spread far and wide so many more people will understand just what it takes to care for and love a furry friend.

So many people move for their job or other reasons without thinking through the implications of what that move means to their furbaby and some people adopt their fur-babies in their new country without thinking it through.  As a result, the animal shelters are at breaking point.  Despite this I have also seen countless amazing individuals and organisations spend time and money to help or rescue animals.

Pets are for life, so if you are considering adopting a cat, dog, rabbit or any other living creature please do it with as much information as possible.  And if you are ready to take on this long-term responsibility (some pets may live for up to 14 years or longer) then do it responsibly, research the costs including day to day care, vet and potential relocation costs.  Then, when you are absolutely ready to take on this new family member – consider rescuing a cat or dog from one of the many overwhelmed shelters in your area.

This site will be a work in progress and I encourage readers to contribute their experiences and suggestions.  This site will reflect the values that I hold dear and I ask that you respect these when interacting on this site.  This site is created in good faith – to try to help pets, as they exist without a voice – and so is underpinned by compassion and kindness.


This site is not a charity and does not raise funds for any organisations but it will help raise awareness about the various organisations doing good in this community.  Nor is this site a comprehensive summary of everything but it is a good start and I look forward to building on it over time and with your valuable input.

We are the very proud fur-parents to 3 babies; Manfred, Ruby and Jasmine.  Manfred and Ruby travelled with me from Australia and we rescued Jasmine from a shelter in the UAE in 2016.