A story about a beautiful boy named Sam

In mid-February we decided to support Rescue Animals in Need by fostering this little boy.  It was only meant to be for 2 weeks as he was moving to his forever home on the 1st March.  Well all of that changed within a few days as his forever family decided they didn’t want him anymore ☹

Thankfully within a few days, the team found a new forever family so we then started engaging with this new couple about Sam, sending daily photos and updates.  It was all going well up until about 30 minutes before they were due to collect him when they sent us a text saying they, unfortunately, couldn’t take him on.  The reason for this isn’t so important here but the consequence was that this darling little boy had been let down yet again and was without a forever family.

So after receiving this news Rod and I decided to go for our usual evening walk with our 3 furbags and Sam.  As we walked Rod decided to turn left onto a street we had never been on before.  Within a few minutes a 4WD slowed down beside us and a lady asked if this puppy was the foster dog.  They pulled over and we had a chat, it turns out they had been following little Sam on Paw Their Sake and loved him.  After I gave them the news about his forever family not collecting him they were immediately keen on adopting him.  So, we put them in touch with Stef at Rescue Animals in Need and within days they had adopted him!

Not only has he gone to a wonderful family, he has a big garden and lives just around the corner from us 😊  We have since been able to stay in touch and babysit a few times as well.

Whilst it is so sad and difficult to say goodbye to our foster babies, it is these stories that make me so happy and these stories that make the whole process worthwhile.  Please consider fostering a dog or cat today – it will provide you with an incredible life experience and you get to save another being’s life at the same time.  For every time an animal is fostered or adopted it means another can be rescued from the street!

And also, try changing your path from time to time, you never know who you might meet or what might happen if you do 😉