Diary of Lulu +6 (take 2)

I now have the opportunity to recollect the amazing experience of fostering Lulu and her beautiful 6 pups.  Unfortunately my previous blog about Lulu +6 mysteriously disappeared so I thought I would recapture some of the little moments we experienced 😊

In the week of the 24th October we agreed to foster Lulu and her 6 bundles of joy.  Her precious pups were about 6 weeks old and still needed much love and nurturing from their mumma (who we affectionately called Lulu Bear).

Lulu +6 came to us straight from the farm where they were living.  They were all covered in ticks and poor Lulu’s belly was bright red from sun and sand burn.  Add 6 hungry sharp mouths to that and you can imagine her pain and suffering ☹

Amy and Rawan and I spent the next few hours de-ticking and then bathing all 7 doggies until they were clean and dry.  I rubbed ointment on some of Lulu’s sore spots and gave them a warm, dry place to recover and live whilst we found forever homes for them.

Rod and I cared for these 7 furbags for about 2 weeks whilst the wonderful Rawan and Amy organised potential parents to come visit and meet the babies.  Each little bubba had a gorgeous little personality of its own.  They spent most of each day in the garden, playing together, digging the sand to find cool little spots for their naps and biting any available toe that walked by.

We had our own friends come and visit, and our lovely neighbour and her bestie spent some time with them too.  Val even helped with some babysitting from time to time 😊

Every few days we had a potential forever family come by.  One by one they were adopted out and before long little Luna, Belle, Mylo and Hendricks had found their forever families.  On the very last day of our foster period little Rex also found his family.  One of the pups went to a friend of the previous owner (I nicknamed him bat dog).

Each and every forever family is incredible.  The moment we met each one we could tell that they were animal lovers and would adore their new little addition to the family.  I was overjoyed when I found out that Lulu wouldn’t be returning to that farm.  After 2 weeks with us she went to a new foster family (we had to travel oversees) and they decided to adopt her!  I was hoping it would be a foster fail because Chris and Phil were amazing and they just adored Lulu Bear.

I cried with each and every departure!  Even though I was so happy for their new life, they each had a special place in my heart.  Thankfully we created a little WhatsApp group with the 5 parents and we regularly check in to see how the little puppies are going and watch as they become little dogs.

Fostering is such a beautiful and rewarding experience.  If you have time in your life, love in your heart and a little bit of space in your home then please consider fostering an animal.  Whilst enriching your life you are saving the lives of animals in your community.