Fur Champion of the Month – Amy McGinlay

I am very very pleased to be introducing you to Amy.  Many in this community will know Amy very well from her dedication to the UAE animal community over the past 2 years.

Amy moved here from Glasgow about 5 years ago and definitely hasn’t lost that accent 🙂  She is married to Osama and they have a beautiful fur-son called Max.  Osama is a wonderful support for Amy and often joins her when she is doing her rescue outings.

When Amy isn’t working as an air hostess she spends most of her time helping animals in her community.  Amy rescued Max, her German Shepherd mix, in Ajman just over a year ago when he was unwanted by his previous owner.   Amy has rescued, fostered and rehomed 35 dogs and 5 cats over the past couple of years.  Amy has even recently set up a little cattery in her home so she can help more abandoned and homeless cats.  Thankfully Max is a wonderful foster brother and helps his mum by giving cuddles and licks whenever he can!

Amy offers to help her community in so many ways.  As well as running her own rescue group, she also helps other rescue groups with theirs.  She offers supplies, food and transport to those who need it.   Amy lives in RAK and regularly does long drives across the UAE to carry out her support work.   She rallies the community to volunteer their time and support in similar ways as well.  Amy recently rallied the community to support the Stray Dog Center with Christmas presents for the shelter dogs.  Amy also helps to moderate and administrate the Dogs in Dubai Facebook group.

In addition to all of the above, Amy also visits various shelters and grooms the animals there, she takes photos and advertises them for adoption.  You can also contact her for pet grooming, all proceeds go towards supporting her rescue work.

Amy is a genuine, warm and beautiful human being and our world would be better off with more people like her in it.  Amy’s support to the rescue community is ongoing, compassionate and enthusiastic.  For all of these reasons, Amy is our Fur Champion.  I want to thank Amy on behalf of our very fortunate community.

If you would like to support Amy with any of her rescue activities, please contact her via her Facebook page – Amy Petpage. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100018190633058