Jasmine’s Adoption Story

Back in November 2016 we decided to adopt a fur-child. We already had 2 little Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (twin 8.5 year olds) in the family but after reading all of the heart-breaking stories about the dumped and let down dogs we decided we had enough room in our home and hearts for one more.  

We took our 2 pups out to meet her and make sure they were OK (their first sniff and greet) and then brought her home to hang out and test the waters. Whilst she had a lot more energy than our 2 they got along fine and she became part of the family (the 2 weeks was never a trial in my mind ). I have no idea how people were able to resist this face for so long!  

This was our introduction to the world of animal welfare in the UAE and it gave me such a big insight to the work being done here and how much more there is still to do.  

There are still hundreds of dogs and cats either living in overcrowded shelters or on the streets, so please #adoptdontshop