Lost pets!

There are currently many dogs and cats getting lost in the UAE.

Please take care when walking your dogs or when opening house doors (and remind family and visitors of the same too).  It only takes a moment for a door to be opened without checking where the family pet is first and for it to run through the door and into the streets.

Please ensure you have an identification tag on the collar of each of your pets and make sure your current mobile number is on it too.  Accidents do happen so for such a small cost it can save a lot of tears and heartache.

Ensure every pet is microchipped and that you have registered them directly with the Municipality.  We also suggest you register your pet’s microchip with several vets as there is no central microchip system in the UAE.  In the case your pet is lost a community member can take them to the vet for a scan and you can more quickly be reunited.